Uruguayan media shone a light on World MS Day this year, thanks to the impressive efforts of Multiple Sclerosis Uruguay (EMUR) to lay on a myriad of moving and impactful events.

EMUR joined together in solidarity with MS organisations across Latin America by lighting up landmarks in orange, an initiative launched by the Chilean MS organisation, Multiple Sclerosis Chile. The lighting of the Legislative Palace in Uruguay was broadcast on national television.

Magdalena Gari, a representative of EMUR, said, ‘In all countries of the region, there were beautiful illuminations of monuments and places and photos showed people wearing all kinds of orange clothes and memorabilia like balloons, ribbons, flowers, scarves and aprons. This campaign made us all enthusiastic and optimistic throughout the region.’

‘We really felt that we belonged to the global movement and that we shared not only MS but also language, culture, orange and something like a close bond with Latin Americans.’

Bringing Us Closer

The illuminated buildings were not the only event to make the headlines in Uruguay this World MS Day; Susana Carballido, President of EMUR’s Committee, was also interviewed on two major TV programmes. During her interviews, Susana explained the importance of World MS Day and explained how the Bringing Us Closer campaign brings together health professionals, scientists and members of the public to support people with MS. Susana also shared details of EMUR’s services to support people with MS. There was also newspaper and radio coverage across different regions of Uruguay.

At its event in central Montevideo, EMUR made excellent use of the 2018 theme of research by inviting neurologists and psychologists to share scientific updates about MS and advice about life with MS, offering a sense of optimism to attendees. According to Magdalena Gari, here were even ‘tears of joy’ as Susana Carballido presented a certificate to one of the nominees for MSIF’s 2018 Evelyn Nicholson Award: Doris Nuñez, a caregiver for her son, who lives with MS.

Susana commended Doris’ commitment to her son. ‘It really is a very positive initiative to recognise those people in our community who make the world that surrounds those who they love and care for a better place. Doris is really outstanding as a caregiver, mother, friend and a woman.’

The event concluded with music from a popular musical quartet, celebratory dancing and a delicious luncheon.