Advocacy project in Morocco

In June, MSIF’s Capacity Building Manager, Abdelfatah Ibrahim, attended several Moroccan World MS Day events in Fes, Tetouan and Rabat. The events were organised by the Moroccan Association for People Affected by MS (AMMASEP), the HANA Multiple Sclerosis Patients Association (HANASEP) and the North of Morocco Association of Multiple Sclerosis (NORD.MA.SEP).

Wold MS Day in Morocco was a great opportunity for people to gather together, share their experiences and make headlines. The events were attended by people from all walks of life, including people affected by MS, representatives from MS organisations, health professionals, civil society representatives and government officials.

All three presidents of the Moroccan MS organisations used World MS Day to champion their joint campaign for better access to MS treatment in Morocco. The campaign was launched earlier this year to improve MS treatment and put MS on the Government’s agenda. During his visit, Abdelfatah facilitated a workshop for staff and volunteers to help support the Moroccan advocacy project.

The campaign is now well underway; Moroccan MS organisations are collecting petition signatures and mobilising support from civil society across the country. MS organisations have met with government bodies and submitted an appeal to decision makers. The campaign is setting a foundation for future advocacy work in Morocco; MS organisations are excited to push the project forward.