The Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft Bundesverband (DMSG) is no stranger to the digital world. Their YouTube account is bursting with incredible vlogs, their Facebook page has over 16,000 followers, and they just reached their 10 year Twitterversary. However, Instagram is a relatively new conquest for them. The DMSG created their first INSTA account this September. Needless to say, they launched with a bang.

The DMSG wanted their Instagram channel to be a space where young people affected by MS could connect. Their new campaign ‘Diagnosing MS – and then what?’ shares powerful stories from young people living with MS. Annika (26 years old), Laura (21 years old), Vladislav (24 years old) and Kevin (29 years old) speak about their experiences with honesty and humour.


Annika, Laura, Vladislav and Kevin talk about the moment they were diagnosed.


The interviews don’t shy away from difficult subject matters. The contributors talk openly about the reactions of their families, friends and partners. They discuss the impact of MS on day-to-day life and the worries that surface. Will I lose my job? Can I still go to festivals? Will I be a burden to my partner?

How did your partner deal with the diagnosis? The interviewees talk about the impact of MS on their love lives.


All four participants describe feelings of fear, grief and despair when diagnosed with MS. However, they also talk about the positive changes they have seen since then. Laura no longer thinks her life is over, she’s adapted to the uncertainty and celebrates what she’s capable of. Vladislav endeavours to live a more active and healthier life. Annika says MS has helped her to grow – she’s found hope and friendship in the MS community. Kevin now lives life to the full; MS has shown how precious each moment is.

‘I want to make the best of it’ : Kevin’s new life motto.

The Instagram account has helped the DMSG reach new audiences and spark conversation. Each post is followed by a flurry of comments from other people affected by MS. Viewers share their own experiences of MS in the workplace, in the dating world and beyond.

It’s so exciting to see the DMSG take Instagram by storm. You can see more of their work on the DMSG website

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