About the webcast

Understanding what leads to progression is key to developing breakthrough treatments for people with progressive MS.  Learn about 18 innovative research projects funded by the International Progressive MS Alliance focused on unraveling the mystery of progression and identifying new targets for treatments, that will ultimately slow or stop progression.  A panel of international MS experts will share findings and insights that not only inspire hope but demonstrate real progress in ending progressive MS.

The International Progressive MS Alliance is a first-of-its-kind global research network aimed at accelerating the development of new, effective treatments for progressive MS. We are rallying the world through an unprecedented collaboration of MS organizations, researchers, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, trusts, foundations, donors and people affected by MS. Our promise is more than hope; it is progress.

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About the Panel

Don Mahad, MD, PhD is Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Neurologist at the University of Edinburgh, UK. His research is focused on bioenergetic changes in progressive multiple sclerosis patients as well as experimental disease modes, in particular the role of mitochondria. Furthermore, his research group explores the potential consequences of mitochondrial dysfunction and energy failure for the clinical presentation of progressive MS. Findings from his work are driving the discovery of potential neuroprotective drugs for treating progressive MS.  His is a recipient of an Alliance Challenges in Progressive MS Award and he has authored numerous papers.


Bernard Zalc, MD, PhD is a researcher and former director of the Research Center of the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute, now the Paris Brain Institute. His scientific interest is the biology of myelin forming cells and related diseases with a particular focus on multiple sclerosis. His present work is devoted to creating transgenic Xenopus models that can screen for molecules promoting remyelination, thus leading to new treatments for progressive MS. He is a recipient of an Alliance Challenges in Progressive MS Award, the author of the book, “Myelin the Brain’s Supercharger,” and contributed to over 200 scientific papers.


Paola Zaratin, PhD is the Director of Scientific Research at the Italian MS Society and a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the International Progressive MS Alliance. She has extensive experience in neuroscience research and drug development, with past roles at Merck Serono and GlaxoSmithKline. She leads several important international MS projects including the EU Responsible Research Innovation H2020 MULTI-ACT project that engages patients as key stakeholders in multistakeholder research initiatives and the global Patient Reported Outcomes Initiative for Multiple Sclerosis. She is the author of more than 80 publications.

About the host

Angela White has been a leader in the MS movement since her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2002. As volunteer for the National MS Society, U.S., she has advocated for needed change in public policy, served as a committee member of the Black MS Experience Summit and reviewed MS research applications as well as a myriad of other roles.  She also is engaged in the MS International Federation’s Patient Reported Outcomes Initiative.

Angela is certified as a group fitness instructor and as a specialist in fitness nutrition. She is currently laying the groundwork to offer classes for people living with mobility and neurological challenges, both locally and virtually.

MSIF is proud to be a leading member of the International Progressive MS Alliance.


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