Progressive MS Alliance

Join us on 12 November  for the International Progressive MS Alliance global webcast where we’ll be exploring how artificial intelligence in MRIs and blood tests could mark a step-change for people with progressive MS.

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Webcast start time on 12 November:  08:30 PST / 10:30 CST /  13:30 BRT / 16:30 GMT / 18:30 EET / 22:00 IST / 03:30 AEDT [on 13 November]

New, life-changing treatments are urgently needed for people with progressive MS. A major obstacle is the lack of a quick way to detect whether a therapy is working, since progression can occur slowly. The search has been on for biomarkers that can predict disease activity and detect response to therapy.

Learn how using artificial intelligence in MRIs and routine blood tests could result in biomarkers to predict disability and disease progression. New biomarkers would speed clinical trials of new treatments.

Trishna Bharadia will serve as facilitator for the panel discussion. She is a multi-award winning advocate and patient engagement adviser living with multiple sclerosis in the United Kingdom and also serves as an ambassador the MS Society, UK. She works to ensure the patient voice is heard throughout the healthcare journey.

Trishna will be joined by Robert Fox, MS, neurologist and Vice Chair Research Neurological Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, US, and member of the Alliance Scientific Steering Committee; Professor Douglas Arnold, Neurology at McGill University, Canada, and lead investigator of the Alliance International Collaborative Research Network focused on using artificial intelligence in MRIs for detecting and measuring progression; and Professor Tal Arbel, Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill University and a co-investigator with Professor Arnold for the Alliance International Collaborative Research Network.

There is an urgent, worldwide need for life-changing solutions for people affected by progressive MS. The International Progressive MS Alliance is working to answer that need. We are, rallying the global community in an unprecedented collaboration of MS organizations, researchers, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, trusts, foundations, donors and people affected by MS. The MS International Federation is a founding member of the International Progressive MS Alliance.

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