World Brain Day 2021

The theme for this year's World Brain Day is Stop multiple sclerosis

مناطق الالتهاب في الدماغ منطقةٌ رمادية

MS has traditionally been thought of as a condition that mainly affects the white matter of the brain. Recently this notion has been challenged and now research has uncovered a potentially important disease process in the grey matter.

خريطة جديدة تغيّر فهمنا للخلايا المناعية في الدماغ

A new international study has mapped a type of immune cell, the microglia, in the human and mouse brain for the first time. Microglia are thought to play a role in the progression of MS. This research has changed the understanding of how these cells function, and has important implications for MS.

إعاقة المسار اللمفاوي للدماغ يقلل أعراض التصلّب العصبي المتعدد

A new study has found that blocking the brain lymphatic vessels reduced MS-like illness in a laboratory model

’حلقات النار‘: إيقاف موت خلايا الدماغ في حالة التصلّب المتعدد

A new study that suggests inflammation may lead to the death of brain cells in MS may have identified a drug that could block this process.

بحث جديد يوضح أن فقدان أنسجة الدماغ يتبع تسلسل يمكن توقعه

A study from MSIF McDonald fellow Dr Eshaghi has shown that brain tissue loss, or atrophy, occurs in ’stages’ and follows a predictable order.

التغيّرات في حجم الدماغ قد تكون مؤشراً رئيسياً على الترقّي في التصلّب المتعدد

New research suggests the rate of brain atrophy, or brain shrinkage, may be an important indicator of disease progression in MS.

اكتشاف كيفية دخول الخلايا المناعية إلى الدماغ في حالات التصلب المتعدد

Study reveals important mechanism that allows immune cells to attack myelin in MS

هل يؤدي الارتجاج إلى خطر ظهور التصلّب المتعدد؟

What’s behind the media reports on concussion and MS?