A man with MS in Iceland, sitting, with a car park behind him

10/2011, Akureyri, Iceland. In 2008, a severe attack all but paralysed Haukur Dur’s legs, leaving him no choice but to use a wheelchair. It was a difficult period for an active man with a wife and three young kids. For now, a switch to Tysabri seems to have reversed the course of his MS. Haukur recalls being told the drug carried risks, but doesn’t remember exactly what the risk is – only that given his condition at the time, he felt any risk was worth taking. Credit: Fernando Moleres. Published on this website by kind permission of the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform.

يعد التصلّب العصبي المُتعدِّد حالة متغيرة وتعتمد الأعراض على مناطق الجهاز العصبي المركزي المتأثرة. ولا يوجد نمط محدد للتصلّب العصبي المُتعدِّد وكل شخص من ذوي التصلّب العصبي المُتعدِّد يتعرض لمجموعة مختلفة من الأعراض، والتي تختلف من وقتٍ لآخر ويمكن أن تتغير في شدتها ومدتها، حتى لدى نفس الشخص.