Our Du Pré Grants give young MS researchers from emerging countries the opportunity to visit an established MS research centre for two to six months. The grant aims to encourage cross-fertilization of skills through collaborative research. Du Pré grants have been proven to help grantees expand their networks and know-how on MS, resulting in various joint research projects.

Starting this year, some of the Du Pré grants will have a bit of Dutch flavour. Two of the annual awards will be supported by Stichting MS Research (the Dutch MS Research Foundation).

The support from Stichting MS Research isn’t just financial, they also intend to introduce grantees to MS experts in the Netherlands and to bring publicity to the researchers and their work via their website, magazine and annual research days.


Kirstin Heutinck, Research Coordinator at Stichting MS Research said: This as an excellent way to support MS research worldwide and to strengthen our relationship with MSIF. The Du Pré Grant is a stepping-stone to a career in MS research.

The foundation hopes that grant winners will feel a connection with the foundation and that grantees will develop a lasting bond with experts from leading MS research and care centres in the Netherlands.”

The Dutch Du Pré Grant support is a ‘triple win’ for grantees, MSIF and the Dutch MS Research Foundation. Other MSIF members inspired by this story can contact MSIF for more information on how to support Du Pré Grants or other MSIF awards.

More information about the Du Pre grants can be found at: http://www.msif.org/research/awards-grants-and-fellowships/du-pre-grants/


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