Each year, MSIF offers grants and fellowships to enable young MS researchers and clinicians from emerging countries to travel to work at a centre of MS research excellence.

Applications for MSIF’s McDonald fellowships and Du Pré Grants for research into MS are now open and the deadline for nominations is 30 June 2017.

MSIF-ECTRIMS McDonald Fellowships

The MSIF-ECTRIMS McDonald Fellowships enable young researchers from emerging countries to work in a research institution outside their own country, with a view to returning to their country to establish a programme of MS research that involves the application of the newly learned techniques.

The fellowship consists of a two-year grant, around UK £30,000 per year, to cover travel and living costs, and an additional contribution of UK £2,000 per year to the host institution. We anticipate that part of the second-year grant to the host institution will be used to cover the expenses of the candidate attending the annual congress of ECTRIMS, the European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS.

These fellowships are joint MSIF-ECTRIMS fellowships, funded by ECTRIMS.

Read more and apply here: MSIF-ECTRIMS McDonald Fellowships

Du Pré Grants

The Du Pré Grants are offered to MS researchers from emerging countries to enable them to make short visits to established MS research centres outside their own country, either to learn from each other or to carry out parts of joint research projects. The aim is to encourage cross-fertilisation of skills through collaborative research projects. Two of the annual awards are supported by Stichting MS Research (the Dutch MS Research Foundation).

Visits generally last between two and six months. Each grant is likely to be between UK £2,000 and £4,000, to a maximum of £5,000. The funds are intended to go towards travel and living costs, or to top up an existing grant to extend a visit.

Read more and apply here: Du Pré Grants