A female model poses leaning against a tree

Amber Gwynn is a model, a nurse, an artist, and a fashion designer for Nyata

A painting of sunlight shining down on a field of sunflowers under a blue sky.

Painting: Warmth Wise, Anna Epifano

From interpretive dance to documentary filmmaking, engaging in the Creative Arts can have a powerful and positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Our colleagues at MS Australia have shared stories from several people affected by MS who use creativity to manage their pain, improve their state of mind, and build their self-esteem.

Acclaimed ballet dancer Michelle Ryan used her passion to overcome personal adversity after her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. She created a dance piece, “Intimacy”, which explored the effect MS has had on her body.

At 18, Jesse Frick was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Relapsing Remitting MS. Despite limited mobility, eyesight, and only being able to sing and play instruments for short periods, Jesse has inspired many people affected by MS by releasing an EP of his music and becoming a National Advocate for MS Australia.

Meanwhile, Amber Gwynn’s diagnosis with MS hasn’t stopped her from launching a fashion label, pursuing a modelling career, and enjoying painting as a therapeutic activity – all on top of her day job as a nurse. Amber remembers her diagnosis as a “wake-up call” to chase her dreams.

“Life is short and unpredictable”, she notes. “I’m a strong advocate for living well with a disability”.

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