A large auditorium filled with an audience viewing a presentation projected on a screen at the front of the room.

Presentations at the ARSEP Congress. Image copyright: Gael Kazaz

ARSEP facilitated workshops for participants. Image copyright: Gael Kazaz

Top neurologists from the world of science and medicine showcased developments in MS research at the 26th annual conference of French MS organisation ARSEP this month.

700 participants were treated to a range of workshops and presentations on such wide-ranging subjects as myelin reparation, the role of MRI in diagnosing and treating MS, and art therapy, all broadcast to a live online audience of 1000 viewers.

Research highlights included a presentation from Dr Bruno Stankoff on the potential for innovative imagery techniques to improve myelin reparation, as well as a session from Professor David Laplaud on the impact of lymphocytes on the immune system among people with MS.

Attendees also enjoyed workshops around such thought-provoking themes as the helpers and the helped, art therapy, and therapeutic education.

Message of hope

Participant Martine commended the optimism of the day. “In all the time I have been coming to this congress”, she notes, “this is the first time I have heard researchers discussing work which, to me, seemed to be filled with hope.”

“Speakers discussed the identification of a lymphocyte which could be responsible for MS and new, more effective, MRI. For the first time, the news appeared to be concrete and should advance the possibility of faster and more reliable diagnosis”.

Watch video coverage from the ARSEP conference to find out more.