MSIF is excited to announce the campaign for World MS Day 2019.

The theme is Visibility and the campaign is called My Invisible MS (#MyInvisibleMS).

This campaign, developed in collaboration with members of the global MSIF movement, will raise awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS and its unseen impact on quality of life. The aim of the campaign is to challenge common misconceptions about MS and help people understand how to provide the right support to those affected.

My Invisible MS will give a voice to people living with MS to share the invisible symptoms that they experience and express what they want people to know about MS, giving others an insight into its unseen impact on everyday life. The campaign offers flexibility for individuals and organisations to use it to achieve a variety of goals, which could include:

  • Lobbying decision makers to improve support for people living with disabilities that are not visible
  • Helping people affected by MS to manage their invisible symptom
  • Helping the communities around people living with MS to understand invisible symptoms and offer the right support
  • Raising public awareness about the unseen impact of MS, in order to challenge misconceptions and change attitudes
  • Raising the visibility of/funding for their MS organisation and its services

World MS Day will take place on 30 May 2019. More information, including a campaign toolkit, will be shared in Spring 2019 on the World MS Day website.