The MS Society UK launched its biggest fundraising appeal to date in early October. The appeal aims to raise £100m to find treatments for everyone with MS in the UK.

The Society made headlines with the news that leading scientists agree that MS could be stopped, with treatments for everyone in late-stage trials by as early as 2025.

Over the last few years the Society has been working with staff, corporations and donors raise vital funds. Their generosity has already raised £47m towards the £100m target.

The Stop MS TV Advert has aired on several national television channels and in cinemas. The advert uses the Fleetwood Mac song ‘Don’t stop’ to capture the MS community’s hope for a better future. Four people living with MS sing the song as they go about their everyday lives.

The MS Society UK presents #StopMS.

The campaign ambassadors – Jacqueline, Donna, Glyn, Nikki, Alastair and Charlotte share their stories and hope for the campaign in personal videos.

Jacqueline who has been living with MS for the past 11 years says:

Jacqueline’s story:

Donna, who has been living with MS since 2003 says:

‘When you’re diagnosed with MS it’s very easy to give up but we continue to fight’.

Donna’s story:

The MS Society UK has built strong media partnerships to spread the news about the Stop MS appeal. The Society created the campaign with two influential media agencies’. The MS Society UK even secured a special partnership with the Telegraph, a national newspaper, which has a big presence online.

In the first two weeks of the campaign there were more than 4,000 shares of the ad on social media, and around 195,000 views on social media and the website. The MS Society UK secured a 500% year on year increase in income within the first week. The Society is optimistic about the impact and development of the appeal.

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