The clinical management results from the Atlas of MS are now available and ready for you to explore.

Back in September, we launched the first part of the Atlas of MS (3rd edition), which showed us that there are approximately 2.8 million people around the world living with MS. Part 2 highlights the wide disparities and barriers that exist globally in accessing diagnosis, disease modifying therapies and care services. It also looks at healthcare provision, such as the number of healthcare professionals, and the use of national guidelines or standards in relation to MS.

Although there have been many important changes in the health landscape for people with MS in recent years relating to diagnosis and therapy options, we continue to see inequalities across and within countries. The Atlas of MS maps these challenges across 107 countries around the world.

Explore the tools we have created to help you use the Atlas of MS findings in your work. These are all available in English, Spanish and Arabic.

Find out more about the Atlas of MS clinical management data on the Atlas of MS website.


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