Some say it’s the golden age of podcasts. Everyday millions of us stream our favourite episodes whilst commuting, exercising and getting through household chores. Podcast listeners, you’ll be delighted to know there is plenty of MS content to discover. The MS world is no stranger to the audio format. MS organisations have been creating podcasts to inspire, educate and lighten the load. Here is an updated list of podcast recommendations to queue in honour of International Podcast Day 2022 on 30 September. Plug in your headphones and give these a listen…


The Polskie Towarzystwo Stwardnienia Rozsianego are asking big questions in their podcast series ‘Ask about MS.’ Each episode introduces the audience to an MS expert or MS topic. The latest episode looks at MS progression, helping listeners unpack the causes, characteristics and impact of progressive MS.


Take a moment to step into someone else’s shoes with the ‘Learn from me’ series from MS Plus. The podcast explores difference experiences of MS with a selection of personal interviews. You can hear about MS from the standpoint of a mum, a teenager, an employee and beyond. So many rich stories and perspectives to learn from.


Turkey’s first podcast series on MS is brought to you by the MS Society of Turkey. The series titled BeniMSesim, translates roughly to ‘My Voice’. Themes range from symptoms, nutrition, alternative therapies, and everything in between. Join host Yekta Kopan as he interviews healthcare professionals on all things MS. The podcast has had more than 100,000 streams, you can be the next one!

United States

No podcast shortlist would be complete without RealTalk MS from Jon Strum and the National MS Society. Each week, podcast host Jon Strum breaks down the latest in MS news, research, advocacy and support for people living with MS. Every episode features an interview with world-class MS researchers, clinicians, advocates and policymakers committed to making a difference. Recent topics include everyday adjustments, mental health and making MS research accessible.


The Alliance of Croatian MS Associations has created MSTV, a platform to share MS updates and life hacks. No topic too big, no subject too small – the podcast discusses everything from everyday wins to legislative change for people with MS. Hear from experts in nutrition, physiotherapy, psychiatry and more.


The Associação Brasileira de Esclerose Múltipla entered the podcast scene back in 2021. Simply titled ‘a chat about MS’, the series offers a safe informal space to talk about MS issues. Dive into MS episodes on self-care, MS treatments, and healthy living.


Since its launch on World MS Day 2021, MS Ireland’s podcast has gone from strength to strength. The podcast started with an intimate look into life with MS. People were invited to share letters they have written to their newly diagnosed selves. Honest, inspiring and heart-breaking at times, the interviews explore letting go and moving forward with MS.

Up next was an incredibly useful series on progressive MS. The show covered key issues facing people living with progressive MS – from isolation to research and support for daily tasks.

The latest series, MS explored, is all about living with and managing MS. Topics explored include navigating the patient journey following diagnosis, the impact living with MS can have on family life, and tips and useful advice for resources to support.



Got a minute? Then don’t miss the MS Minute podcast by the Sociedade Portuguesa de Esclerose Múltipla (SPEM). This mini-series packs a punch with each 60-second episode tackling an MS myth or question. Engaging and to the point, this is concise advice at its best. This series is available to download wherever you get your podcasts.

Press play and enjoy these sounds from the MSIF movement.

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