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The MS Information Resources team at the UK MS Society are very proud to announce the launch of our MS fatigue self-management course.

As you know fatigue is one of the most common, troubling symptoms experienced by people with MS. So we wanted to develop an easy access online course for managing your MS fatigue. This interactive e-learning course is based on fatigue management workshops (called FACETS) developed at Bournemouth University. We created six accessible online sessions that look at:

  • the daily reality of life with MS fatigue
  • its practical and psychological aspects
  • useful tips and strategies to manage it.

This course is for people with MS, and for Health Professionals to encourage people to try the sessions. The course aims to normalise the effects of MS fatigue for people, using strategies and techniques for using their available energy more effectively. Follow the link below to sign up for the free course.

Published: 2020

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