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ORGANISATION: Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla

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This publication aimed at parents who have a child or adolescent diagnosed with MS. It is based on the stories of families who came into contact with AISM, who reported the lack of specific information for pediatric MS. The goal is to address the difficult issues of multiple sclerosis in pediatric age, with clear and accessible language, touching on the main aspects of MS, trying to give an initial answer to the numerous questions and doubts that can be experienced when faced with a diagnosis of your child’s MS.

Multiple sclerosis is commonly considered a disease of adulthood, but children and adolescents can also develop it. However, it is quite common for adults with MS to trace the origins of their disease to their childhood or adolescence. If your child has been diagnosed, or if MS has been suggested as a possible cause of their symptoms, this publication can help you understand the condition a little better.

Copyright AISM – Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla (Italian MS Society) – All Rights Reserved. Created with the unconditional contribution of Merck Serono.

Published: 2013

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