Improve access to MS treatment

Access to treatment is a high priority for most people with MS. Convince decision-makers that MS treatments should be available in all health systems.

Relevant publications

Publications from MSIF and other stakeholders in support of work on access to MS healthcare.

How accessible are MS treatments in the MENA region?

New publication highlights regional disparities in the management of MS

Learn from others

Advocacy examples from the global MS movement to inspire you today.

Off-label treatments for MS

MSIF's work relating to off-label DMTs for MS

Essential medicines for MS

Advocating for the addition of MS treatments to the WHO Essential Medicines List

Improving access to MS treatment and healthcare

Addressing barriers to accessing treatment at a global, regional and national level

Patent status of MS disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) around the world

Collaborating with the Medicines Patent Pool as MSIF continues work on improving access to MS treatments

What treatments are approved for children and young people with MS?

We look into these in more detail to understand how the treatment decisions are made by regulators.

How do people with MS respond to COVID-19 vaccines?

What does research tell us about how DMTs affect the body’s immune response to COVID-19 vaccines?

Study suggests improvement in MS employment outcomes

New research, involving 874 people who had used disease-modifying therapies during the previous 5 years, has shown a link between more effective disease-modifying therapies and an increased level of employment, work attendance and productivity at work.

The winding path of MS progression

How the biological processes cause progression in different types of MS.