Global MS research fellowships

A selection of fellowships and grants open to MS researchers around the world

Accessible holidays

Examples of accessible resorts and services shared by our members


The MS International Federation draws on the expertise of its members, people with MS and others

McDonald Fellowship recipients

Since the launch of the McDonald fellowships in 2007, we have awarded more than 30 fellowships to researchers from emerging countries

Progressive MS research

The International Progressive MS Alliance works to speed up the development of treatment for progressive MS

Winner of the 2021 Young Investigator Award

Dr Giacomo Boffa receives the 2021 Young Investigator Award on his project on using aHSCT in individuals with secondary progressive MS

The eyes as possible windows into MS

Two recent scientific publications add further evidence that a simple eye test may offer a fast and easy way to monitor the progression of MS.

400 young people gather in Rome to learn about MS

‘Young people beyond MS’

What happened at ECTRIMS 2015?

Our highlights from the world’s largest scientific conference on multiple sclerosis

Recommended treatment after stopping natalizumab

Switching from natalizumab to an alternative drug may prevent disease reactivation

Giancarlo Comi wins Charcot Award

The Charcot Award recognises a lifetime of achievement in MS research

Improving walking with nabiximols: new findings

A study to assess whether nabiximols could be used to improve walking in people with MS

Hematopoietic stem cells and MS

The results of a multi-centre, phase II, randomized trial

New treatment for spasticity and pain

Radial shock wave therapy has been used to treat spasticity and pain in Italy

Paid internships for people with MS

Believe and Achieve is a programme of paid internships for young people with MS

Physiotherapy to reduce fatigue and improve balance

Processing information from different sensory systems can stabilize the body’s centre-of-gravity and so prevent falls

Radiologically isolated syndrome can help us understand MS

Study shows that that in RIS subjects there is less damage to white matter than in people with MS

Different activation of the immune system in types of MS

Relapsing-remitting and secondary progressive MS have differing cytokine levels and activity

MS in focus on ageing

The final issue of MS in focus in the current format is now available to download in Arabic, English, French and Spanish

More Du Pré Grants for 2014 announced

The second wave of 2014 grants includes scientists from Iran, Italy, Romania and Russia

EMSP and RIMS social media conference

The conference was the first joint event for RIMS and EMSP

Progressive MS meeting in Milan

The first scientific meeting of the International Progressive MS Collaborative took place in Milan, Italy