First treatment licensed for primary progressive MS in the US

Ocrelizumab has been approved as a treatment for both relapsing and primary progressive MS in the US

People affected by MS helping to steer research in progressive MS

Video from Caroline Sincock who recently joined the International Progressive MS Alliance

What happened at ECTRIMS 2016?

Researchers and health professionals gather for the latest updates and research findings on treatment, care and management of MS

Second Scientific Congress of the International Progressive MS Alliance

Challenges and next steps considered

Intrathecal Rituximab is not effective in progressive multiple sclerosis

A recent study has failed to show any benefit for Rituximab in people with secondary progressive MS

Fingolimod is not effective in primary progressive multiple sclerosis

A new trial has failed to show Fingolimod has any effect of in primary-progressive MS

Results from a long-term observational study on MS

Long-term follow-up studies could help determine predictive factors for long-term clinical outcomes

New target for understanding secondary progressive MS

Chemical in the brain involved in signaling may play a role in progressive MS

International Progressive MS Alliance funds global research collaboration

Collaborative Network Planning Awards Granted as part of €22 million global effort to End Progressive MS

Highlights from the ‘Living with MS Day’

On 6 October, 650 people affected by MS gathered in Barcelona for the ‘Living with MS Day’ event