First MS organisation in Latin America joins the Progressive MS Alliance

The International Progressive MS Alliance is growing!

Global webcast on solving progressive MS: progress achieved and hope for the future

Results released from first multi-drug clinical trial in MS

The results of the MS-SMART trial, an innovative trial testing multiple drugs at the same time, have ruled out three repurposed drugs for the treatment of progressive MS.

Asthma medication could slow brain atrophy in progressive MS

A phase II clinical trial has shown ibudilast, a repurposed asthma medication, can slow down the rate of brain tissue loss in progressive MS by almost half compared to a placebo treatment.

Primary progressive MS risk may be linked to genes that cause other brain diseases 

Genetic screening of people with primary progressive MS has shown that four rare genetic changes, which are known to cause other neurological diseases, may play a role in primary progressive MS.

Making a difference through rehab research at the Progressive MS Alliance Conference

Researchers, clinicians and people living with MS, from around the world converged on the city of Toronto in Canada for the 3rd Congress of the International Progressive MS Alliance.

The winding path of MS progression

How the biological processes cause progression in different types of MS.

Siponimod offers hope for people with secondary progressive MS

A new, international clinical trial has shown that siponimod can slow progression in people with secondary progressive MS.

Antidepressant drug may treat Progressive MS

Screening of almost 250 medications has identified clomipramine as a possible treatment for progressive MS.

First treatment for early primary progressive MS approved in Europe

The European Commission has approved the first disease-modifying therapy, ocrelizumab, for early primary progressive MS (PPMS).