Long term support for MSIF’s Du Pré Grants from the Netherlands

25th April 2016

Stichting MS Research will fund two of MSIF’s Du Pré grants


22nd April 2016

MSIF holds first meeting for MS organisations at MENACTRIMS

World MS Day is coming

20th April 2016

World MS Day takes places on 25 May 2016 with the tagline ‘MS doesn’t stop me…’

Nominations for MSIF fellowships and grants now open

10th April 2016

The deadline for nominations for McDonald fellowships and Du Pré Grants is 30 June 2016

Does ethnicity play a role in neuromyelitis optica (NMO)?

7th April 2016

The role of genes in NMO appears to vary depending on a person’s ethnicity

Coffee consumption and risk of multiple sclerosis

6th April 2016

Research suggests that high consumption of coffee may protect brain cells from damage

Natalizumab is more effective than fingolimod in reducing relapses

5th April 2016

French researchers compare oral and injectable drugs for relapsing-remitting MS

New drug ozanimod could be an effective alternative to fingolimod

4th April 2016

An international study looks at the safety and efficacy of a drug similar to fingolimod

AEDEM COCEMFE launches program to support people at home

22nd March 2016

A Spanish government funded scheme will help people to overcome different barriers

New video showcases the potential of musical neurorehabilitation in Israel

22nd March 2016

The Danish MS Society has produced a film about neurorehabilitation and music in Israel.

MS International Federation to update the Principles for Quality of Life

22nd March 2016

Collaborative work has begun to update the ‘gold standard’ for quality of life

Shift.MS launches tool to give online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

18th March 2016

Thought Sort is designed to improve wellbeing. The impact of the tool will be measured in a research study.