The National MS Society joins forces with the MS Society of Bermuda

13th August 2015

Working together to support healthcare professionals and people affected my MS in Bermuda

Uninterrupted – personal stories about the realities of MS

11th August 2015

MS Australia launches a new blogging platform for people affected by MS

MS Frontiers 2015: Research Roundup

7th August 2015

Some of the highlights from the UK MS Society's research conference with a focus on progression

Official launch of the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust

4th August 2015

A trust has launched in New Zealand to fund research to improve the lives of people with MS

Biomarkers of inflammation in progressive MS

31st July 2015

There is a need to identify direct biomarkers of inflammation within the central nervous system

A non-invasive method to identify MS progression

29th July 2015

Researchers are looking for new biomarkers of disease, which could also recognise progression of MS in a reasonable time

Early identification of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in patients on natalizumab

27th July 2015

A method for early detection of Natalizumab-associated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in the absence of clinical symptoms

Predictive factors for developing MS

22nd July 2015

Identifying risk factors for developing further attacks and disability accumulation in patients with “clinically isolated syndrome"

Breaking down the barriers

14th July 2015

One girl’s story of fighting for success in Mumbai, India

Take the Pledge

11th July 2015

The MS Society of Canada asks Canadians to pledge, donate and share

$28 million USD investment for new research

9th July 2015

The National MS Society invests $28 million USD in new MS research projects

New educational comic for children

7th July 2015

MS Australia has endorsed an educational comic to make MS information more accessible for children