Investigating cognition to fully assess MS progression

7th February 2016

Study recommends including cognitive evaluation when measuring NEDA

Vitamin D and early onset of MS

5th February 2016

Genes, lifestyle, and environment in adolescence could be important factors in the development of MS

Home-based exercises could reduce risk of falls in MS

2nd February 2016

Step training is shown to be effective in improving stepping, standing balance, and coordination

Hormonal treatment improves MS relapses in women

1st February 2016

Hormones released during pregnancy could be a potential treatment for relapsing remitting MS

MS Awareness Soars in the Americas

26th January 2016

Fly for MS is raising awareness of MS in an unusual way

DMSG launches app to help with cognition

26th January 2016

App uses scientifically designed exercises to improve memory and concentration

Kiss Goodbye to MS launches

15th January 2016

The exciting new international fundraising campaign for MS has officially begun!

Radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS) and primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS)

8th January 2016

People with RIS evolve to PPMS at the same frequency as expected from general MS populations

Oral steroids as good as intravenous in treating relapses

7th January 2016

New data supports the use of oral steroid methylprednisolone to treat MS relapses

Controversial results from a new vitamin D study

5th January 2016

New research shows no association between increasing blood vitamin D levels and reduced inflammation in relapsing-remitting MS

Sexual dysfunction is common in MS

4th January 2016

Sexual dysfunction is a common but often overlooked and undertreated symptom in MS

Consultant wanted: evidence review on quality of life & MS

17th December 2015

An exciting opportunity has arisen to work with us on a project to refresh 'the Principles to promote quality of life of people with MS'