The role deep grey matter in the brain plays in MS

16th December 2014

Deep grey matter is profoundly involved in the disease progression of MS patients

The role of iron and brain damage in MS

16th December 2014

The presence of iron could help us understand the MS inflammation process

Progressive MS and disease-modifying drugs

16th December 2014

Patients with secondary progressive MS who have ongoing relapses may benefit from continuing immunomodulatory therapies after onset of progressive MS

Improving diagnosis of MS

16th December 2014

Over 35 per cent of patients with clinically isolated syndrome were diagnosed earlier when applying the 2010 McDonald Criteria

Disappointing results from fingolimod trial in primary progressive MS

16th December 2014

The results suggest that primary progressive and relapsing forms of MS have different underlying mechanisms

Positive outcomes in changing from interferon to Copaxone

16th December 2014

Switching patients with relapsing-remitting MS from interferon to Copaxone is associated with positive treatment outcomes

No target met unless met for all

1st December 2014

MS International Federation calls on the UN to ensure new global goals benefit all - including people affected by MS

Six months to World MS Day

1st December 2014

The theme for 2015 will be access, and the campaign will celebrate breaking down barriers to living with MS

Progressive MS Alliance expands

1st December 2014

The Alliance has been joined by four MS International Federation member organisations

Universal access declaration reaches 75,000 signatures

1st December 2014

The MS International Federation encourages everyone affected by MS to sign the declaration

Underweight women on fingolimod at higher risk of lymphopenia

17th November 2014

Underweight women and patients with low baseline lymphocyte counts should be monitored more closely

Using spectroscopy to recognize secondary-progressive MS patients

17th November 2014

A new way to predict the transition from relapsing-remitting to secondary-progressive MS

Cognitive rehabilitation in MS

17th November 2014

Computer-aided cognitive rehabilitation can slow down cognitive impairment in MS patients

Avoiding post-partum MS worsening

17th November 2014

French study supports the idea of avoiding delays after pregnancy before starting natalizumab therapy

Trigeminal neuralgia and fampridine: further contraindication

17th November 2014

Fampridine must be used with caution in people with a history of MS-related trigeminal neuralgia

New treatment for fatigue

17th November 2014

Researchers find that Alfacalcidol is a safe and effective treatment for fatigue

Phase one of European Register for MS completed

10th November 2014

The register aims to address the recognised lack of relevant MS data at European level

Treat Me Right campaign changes UK guidelines

6th November 2014

The UK MS Society’s campaign calls for the right treatment at the right time

Middle East volunteers trained in MS counselling

6th November 2014

Volunteers from MS organisations in Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan took part in a three-day training course

2014 McDonald Fellowships announced

6th November 2014

This year’s McDonald Fellowships went to researchers from Bangladesh, Hungary, Iran and Yemen

More Du Pré Grants for 2014 announced

6th November 2014

The second wave of 2014 grants includes scientists from Iran, Italy, Romania and Russia

New type of interferon has fewer side effects

28th October 2014

Pegylated interferon lasts longer, so needs to be taken less often, with fewer side effects

Pros and cons of alemtuzumab

28th October 2014

Alemtuzumab has been approved in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Latin America

Better test for risk of PML infection in Natalizumab patients

28th October 2014

The new test measures the risk of PML infection in people being treated with Natalizumab

New markers to stop inflammation in multiple sclerosis

23rd October 2014

An imbalance in the production of two molecules may play a role in MS inflammation

A diet with high salt intake can worsen MS course

23rd October 2014

Researchers found correlations between increased number of lesions in patients' brains and their level of salt intake

MS International Federation launches new website

20th September 2014

The site includes a members' area and more content in Arabic and Spanish

MS Society of India raises awareness in Surat

19th September 2014

The Mumbai Chapter organised a programme of talks in Surat, Gujarat

Swedish government to develop national guidelines

19th September 2014

Neuroförbundets will take part in the national and regional hearings

Alliance announces first round of grants

12th September 2014

The Progressive MS Alliance has awarded its first round of 22 research grants to investigators in nine countries

Amalia wins Evelyn Nicholson Award

11th June 2014

Amalia cared for her husband, Ernesto Sepúlveda Morales, who had MS, throughout 40 years of marriage

MS International Federation announces first wave of 2014 Du Pré Grants

16th May 2014

The MS International Federation has announced its first six Du Pré Grants for 2014

Hand in hand with people affected by MS

6th February 2014

The Lebanese MS Friends Society is taking part in the MS International Federation’s country-focused programme

Stephen Hauser wins Charcot Award

22nd January 2014

Professor Hauser was selected by a panel drawn from our International medical and scientific board

Chopsticks and capacity-building in Chengdu

8th January 2014

Ceri Angood Napier, our director of programmes, sends this report from China

MS International Federation launches Arabic e-newsletter

22nd November 2013

Tawasol is our new e-newsletter for MS organisations in the Arabic-speaking region

ARSEP joins MS International Federation

5th November 2013

Fondation ARSEP has become MS International Federation’s second supporting organisation

New report shows MS more prevalent than previously thought

2nd October 2013

The Atlas of MS is the most extensive worldwide survey of the disease

MS International Federation launches programme in the Arab region

5th July 2013

Two-year country-focused capacity building programme in the Arab region

Maurice Maso wins Evelyn Nicholson Award

4th July 2013

This annual award recognises volunteer caregivers to people with MS

Winner of 2013 James D Wolfensohn award announced

6th June 2013

Svetlana V. Goronkova from Russia has won the 2013 James D. Wolfensohn Award

Results of our cognition and MS survey

6th June 2013

More than 4,600 people with MS took part in our survey in 2013

Abdel visits the Lebanese MS Friends Society

17th May 2013

Abdelfatah Ibrahim visited the Lebanese MS Friends Society (ALSEP) from 9 to 14 May 2013

Study group reports on clinical trials in children with MS

26th March 2013

IPMSSG is more than 150 academic physicians and researchers treating and/or studying MS in children

Training MS organisations in the Arab region

14th March 2013

We held a two-day training event in Dubai, UAE, in March 2013

Progressive MS meeting in Milan

7th March 2013

The first scientific meeting of the International Progressive MS Collaborative took place in Milan, Italy

MSSI Chennai’s Ann Gonsalvez receives award

13th January 2013

Ann was presented with the K. Venkatanarayana TANKER Foundation Awareness Award in Chennai on 25 January 2013

International Day for Persons with Disabilities

5th December 2012

Monday 2 December was the International Day for Persons with Disabilities

EMSP and RIMS social media conference

3rd December 2012

The conference was the first joint event for RIMS and EMSP

Strengthening the MS movement in China

17th January 2012

We aim to build a sustainable support structure in China

Our approach to translation

19th September 2011

MS International Federation is an international organisation with members in 44 countries