Canadian MS Society meets 75 MPs in 2 days

26th May 2016

MS Society of Canada working hard to educate decision makers on MS

Simple adjustments could keep people with MS in work

24th May 2016

Global MS Employment report highlights need for reasonable adjustments to help people with MS continue working.

EMSP Spring Conference: Growing with MS

23rd May 2016

Some of our team were lucky enough to attend the European MS Platform’s Spring Conference this month.

Could gut microbes play a role in MS?

7th May 2016

Microbes in the body’s gastrointestinal system appear to change how myelin genes are expressed in the brain

A specialized eye test can predict disease progression in MS

6th May 2016

Retinal thickness can be used as a measure to predict worsening disability in MS

Effectiveness of memory rehabilitation in people with MS

5th May 2016

Review shows previous measures of memory rehabilitation were not reflective of daily life

Sex-specific differences in comorbid conditions in MS

4th May 2016

Researchers find men with MS experience more chronic health problems at the time of diagnosis

Alternative to natalizumab in people at risk of a brain infection

3rd May 2016

Swedish study favours rituximab over fingolimod for those at risk of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

Long term support for MSIF’s Du Pré Grants from the Netherlands

25th April 2016

Stichting MS Research will fund two of MSIF’s Du Pré grants


22nd April 2016

MSIF holds first meeting for MS organisations at MENACTRIMS

World MS Day is coming

20th April 2016

World MS Day takes places on 25 May 2016 with the tagline ‘MS doesn’t stop me…’

Nominations for MSIF fellowships and grants now open

10th April 2016

The deadline for nominations for McDonald fellowships and Du Pré Grants is 30 June 2016