Switching to second-line disease-modifying drugs

21st April 2015

Study shows that switching to natalizumab is more effective than switching to fingolimod

Long-term efficacy, safety and tolerability of fingolimod

21st April 2015

Fingolimod is effective in reducing relapses and brain volume loss

Improving fatigue by doing exercise

21st April 2015

New evidence that exercise could reduce patients’ blood interferon level and fatigue

An appropriate way of measuring progression in clinical trials

21st April 2015

Change in T25FW is strongly correlated with disease impact

Steroids, mobility and osteoporosis

21st April 2015

The benefits of steroid therapy outweigh its detrimental effect on bone metabolism

Canada trial for stem cell therapy

12th April 2015

The Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Canadian MS Patients Study is part of a larger international research effort

Services and celebration in India

11th April 2015

The MS Society of India recently organised two high-profile events

World MS Day launches on 15 April

7th April 2015

People can share a thank-you message by email, by post or on social media

Spanish professionals trained in emotional health

7th April 2015

The main aim was to share knowledge about emotions and stress and their effect on health

Biomarkers of spinal cord injury

16th March 2015

Blood neurofilament concentrations could be used to quantify the severity of spinal cord lesions in MS

Future MS treatments

16th March 2015

Ethyl pyruvate and dimethyl fumarate both have a number of anti-inflammatory effects relevant to MS

Cervical cord damage and disability in MS

16th March 2015

Cord lesion load and spinal cord atrophy may contribute to disability in people with progressive MS