ABEM works with Brazilian mental health initiative

28th November 2015

The Brazilian MS Association (ABEM) is contributing to a Sao Paulo based campaign to highlight the importance of mental health and mental health professionals

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland launches report on the hidden costs of MS

26th November 2015

On 21st October, MS Ireland launched a report on the costs of multiple sclerosis to Irish society

Global Patient Solidarity Day & UN Day for people with Disabilities

25th November 2015

There are two World Days coming up which will be of interest to the global MS community.

Cast your vote

23rd November 2015

Which of these MS research areas would you like to hear more about?

Interview with Mauricio Farez

19th November 2015

We spoke to an Argentinian researcher studying the correlation between melatonin and MS

New target for understanding secondary progressive MS

8th November 2015

Chemical in the brain involved in signaling may play a role in progressive MS

Fingolimod safety and efficacy confirmed

6th November 2015

The results of a seven-year follow-up study confirm the safety and efficacy of fingolimod

Exclusive breastfeeding is safe following childbirth

4th November 2015

A German study shows that exclusive breastfeeding does not increase the risk of relapse after childbirth

MSIF and ECTRIMS hold first joint alumni event

2nd November 2015

Current and past fellows of MSIF and ECTRIMS come together in Barcelona to share experiences

Can Melatonin improve MS?

2nd November 2015

Study suggests that melatonin could be a possible cause of seasonal changes in MS disease activity

MSIF is seeking a Research Insight Analyst

28th October 2015

We are seeking a Research Insight Analyst for a project this November

Polish ‘Symphony of Hearts’ shows people what it’s like to experience symptoms of MS

28th October 2015

Awareness day by the Polish MS Society teaches the public about MS