We are always looking for new donors and new funding partners, so if you want to be part of the global movement to beat MS you can donate here. For larger donations or to discuss longer term partnerships please contact Luke Thomas by email or calling +44 (0)20 7620 1911.

If you want to take part in a fundraising event or organise your own event please visit Against MS, where you can create your own personalised fundraising page and get support in your fundraising. Or if you are a dedicated cyclist you could register for Cykelnerven, Europe’s toughest charity cycling event that takes on the toughest peaks of the Tour de France just two weeks before the professionals. For help with any events please contact Daniel Magson by email or by calling +44 (0)20 7620 1911.

We like to be open about our income, so we will update this page quarterly over the year with donations from any companies, trusts/foundations, and any donations over £25,000 from individuals. Full details of all of our 2019 income will be published here when audited figures are available in 2020.

Corporate support

Corporate support includes income from any company, and includes support from trusts/foundations established by companies for tax-efficiency purposes. It does not include money from personal or family foundations established by company owners.

  • Biogen £56,250
  • Celgene £56,413
  • MedDay £15,000
  • Merck £167,473
  • Novartis £60,000
  • Roche £40,000
  • Sanofi Genzyme £160,194

Total corporate support in 2019: £555,330

Trust, foundation and MSIF member support

Trust and foundations are legally registered entities that exist to manage and grant money for a particular purpose. We include all trusts and foundations in this category except those established by companies for tax-efficiency purposes.

  • Hertie Stiftung (via DMSG) £32,045
  • ECTRIMS £63,995
  • Vanneau Trust £188,400
  • MSIF members £364,687
  • MSIF members – gift in kind £106,481
  • Wolfensohn Family Foundation £7,537

Individual support

Individual support includes a range of different kinds of donors from people making small one-off donations on our website or bank transfer, people fundraising for us as individuals or as teams, board giving, and major donors making larger gifts.

  • Fundraising events & campaigns £127,573