Pros and cons of alemtuzumab

28th October 2014

Alemtuzumab has been approved in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Latin America

Better test for risk of PML infection in Natalizumab patients

28th October 2014

The new test measures the risk of PML infection in people being treated with Natalizumab

New markers to stop inflammation in multiple sclerosis

23rd October 2014

An imbalance in the production of two molecules may play a role in MS inflammation

A diet with high salt intake can worsen MS course

23rd October 2014

Researchers found correlations between increased number of lesions in patients' brains and their level of salt intake

MS International Federation launches new website

20th September 2014

The site includes a members' area and more content in Arabic and Spanish

MS Society of India raises awareness in Surat

19th September 2014

The Mumbai Chapter organised a programme of talks in Surat, Gujarat

Swedish government to develop national guidelines

19th September 2014

Neuroförbundets will take part in the national and regional hearings

Alliance announces first round of grants

12th September 2014

The Progressive MS Alliance has awarded its first round of 22 research grants to investigators in nine…

Amalia wins Evelyn Nicholson Award

11th June 2014

Amalia cared for her husband, Ernesto Sepúlveda Morales, who had MS, throughout 40 years of marriage

MS International Federation announces first wave of 2014 Du Pré Grants

16th May 2014

The MS International Federation has announced its first six Du Pré Grants for 2014

Hand in hand with people affected by MS

6th February 2014

The Lebanese MS Friends Society is taking part in the MS International Federation’s country-focused programme

Stephen Hauser wins Charcot Award

22nd January 2014

Professor Hauser was selected by a panel drawn from our International medical and scientific board