Surat in Gujarat was the setting for a packed programme of talks about MS, organised by the Mumbai Chapter of the MS Society of India.

Sheela is Chairperson of Mumbai Chapter as well as National Vice President.

Audiences for these talks, which took place between 20 and 23 August, included:

  • More than 150 B Com students and others at Udhana Academy Education Trusts and Udhana Citizen Commerce College
  • Around 75 staff at Colourtex Industries Ltd
  • ESSAR township Rotary Club
  • Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Around 50 MBBS students and specialists at Surat Civil Hospital, the largest government hospital in Surat.

The four-day programme of talks ended with the setting up of the Surat MS Support Group, which aims to meet every two months. Around 35 people, including 13 people with MS attended the first meeting, at which the MS Society of India gave out exercise CDs and Tips for better management of MS

A classroom of young women in India, listening to a talk about MS

Young women listen to a talk by the MS Society of India

A woman from the MS Society of India at a lectern delivering a talk

Sheela Chitnis of the MS Society of India delivers a talk on MS

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