The Progressive MS Alliance is steadily growing. In the last few months it has gained four new members – the MS organisations in Australia, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands:

  • MS Research Australia
  • Nationale Belgische Multiple Sclerosa Liga
  • Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft
  • Stichting MS Research.

The Alliance now includes 12 MS organisations, including the MS International Federation, all working together to speed up treatments for progressive MS.

The Alliance has announced a new request for applications for its Collaborative Network Awards, which are designed to enable and leverage global collaborative networks of excellence engaged in transformative research. Those interested in applying can join one of two information calls scheduled for 9 and 10 December.


Bill Carroll, chair of MS Research Australia’s international research review board, said: “I believe that the Progressive MS Alliance has the opportunity to become the most influential and productive force for the treatment of progressive MS.

“Properly directed, it will energise most if not all those presently engaged in MS research as well as attract many in related fields to the benefit of those with progressive MS and those seeking to avoid it.”

Peer Baneke, Chief Executive of the MS International Federation, said: “The MS International Federation is an active member of the Progressive MS Alliance and encourages all its member organisations to join the Alliance and support it with fundraising activities or in other ways.”

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