With six months to go to World MS Day 2015, the MS International Federation team has announced its initial plans

As in 2014, the World MS Day theme for 2015 will be access, and the campaign will celebrate people and organisations that have made less difficult for people affected by MS. These could include:

  • Organisations and institutions that have successfully improved access to health care, buildings, transport etc.
  • Policy makers who speak up for the interests of people affected by MS
  • Employers who have implemented great workplace policies or made reasonable adjustments that enable people affected by MS to stay at work.

The campaign website will be launched in January. It will include a toolkit of print and online resources, such as thank you e-cards for people to share online, acknowledging those who help to break down the barriers to living with MS.


Sophie Paterson, communications manager at MS International Federation, says: “We will be running the campaign across social media using the #strongerthanMS hashtag and shareable images that represent strength and teamwork.”

From February, organisations and individuals taking part in World MS Day will be able to add their activities to an online map showing events across the world.

The campaign will be launched to the public in April, starting the build-up to World MS Day itself on 27 May 2015.

Sophie adds: ‘By saying “thank you” and celebrating positive examples of change we can encourage others to do more in the fight against MS. To speak up more, to fundraise more and to make changes that remove barriers to access.’

World MS Day is steered by an international working group drawn from the MS International Federation’s member organisations.

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A woman in a yellow headscarf holds a microphone as she speaks to the room

A speaker at a World MS Day event in Yemen

Two women and two men on bicycles celebrate World MS Day in Romania

World MS Day 2014 in Romania

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