Asociación Española de Esclerosis Múltiple (AEDEM), the MS International Federation member in Spain, held a training course on emotional health in mid-March.

Sponsored by the O.N.C.E. Foundation, the main aim of the course was to share knowledge about emotions, stress and their effect on health.

The course was aimed at psychologists, social workers, clinical assistants and caregivers who work with the AEDEM’s branches. The health and wellbeing of these professionals affects the care and attention given to the people they work with.


The knowledge acquired can also be transmitted to other carers, be they professionals, family members, or members of AEDEM’s branches.

This course was run by psychologist Rosa Gómez Aguilera, European Specialist in Psychology, Trainer for Employment and State Consultant. All participants received a diploma.

According to the Atlas of MS 2013, there are 46,000 people living with MS in Spain, with three women for every man.

AEDEM works to improve the quality of life of people with MS and the resources available to them through providing information and a range of rehabilitation and support services, raising awareness of the disease, and engaging with MS professionals.

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