We are running the biggest global survey of MS and employment. We want to find out how MS affects employment and to discover new ways to support people affected by MS who want to work.

You can take part in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish.

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The employment survey will be used in a report that will be released for World MS Day 2016.

It will give our members (and other MS organisations) around the world an opportunity to tell governments and employers about changes and adjustments that can help people with MS to enter or stay in employment.

We last ran the survey in 2010, so we’ll be able to see what (if anything) has changed in the last five years and use the results to encourage decision makers and employers to make positive changes.

“Many people with MS would very much like to work, and are able to,” said Peer Baneke, CEO of the MS International Federation.

“The 2010 survey showed us how small changes like flexible working hours could have a positive impact on employment for people with MS. The new survey will give us a better view of what’s happening around the world now, and also help to see if anything has changed.

The more people who complete the survey the stronger our message will be, and the more useful the report will be in helping our members advocate for improvement in employment around the world. Help to strengthen the case by filling out the survey.”

The survey will take about ten minutes to complete. We will also be looking at the results of other local and regional surveys when we write the report.

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