The report is entitled “Societal Costs of Multiple Sclerosis in Ireland 2015”. Key findings include:

  • 9,000 people and their families live with MS throughout Ireland
  • Average societal cost per person with MS amounts to €47,600
  • The total cost of MS to Irish society is more than €429 million each year
  • Total cost of relapses amounts to €16.9 million
  • People with MS report on average a 32% lower quality of life than the general population
  • Reducing costly disease activity and disability progression is possible

The report highlights the need for access to interventions that reduce relapses, disability progression, and support working and living independently. It also highlights the need for improved employment opportunities and adoption of flexible work practices, as well as acknowledgement of unpaid care givers.

Dr Chris McGuigan, Consultant Neurologist at St Vincent’s University Hospital and Clinical Lecturer at UCD, said, “The impact of MS is striking on so many levels including mental health, family, children, career development and quality of life. The real-life testimony alongside the irrefutable statistics in this report is very impactful and we hope it drives home the need for added support for those affected by MS.”

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