Sporting events are a great way to fundraise and increasing numbers of people are getting out and active in the name of MS

This June, 25 cyclists took part in a project called Pedal for MS with the Norwegian MS Society (Multipel Sklerose Forbundet Norge). The brave participants rode up Mont Ventoux in Provence three times in one day! They helped to raise awareness of MS and collected over 50,000EUR to fund research into progressive MS.

ARSEP Foundation in France has had similar successes with running, hiking and walking events in Nedde and Sauveboeuf. There were opportunities for everyone to get involved with everything from short courses for children to 12km hikes. Those who prefer a more sedate weekend got involved by joining solidarity squads, selling t-shirts and joining a dinner.

a dry sunny mountain top, a team of cyclists in blue tops pose for a picture in front of a Norwegian flag

Norwegian cyclists at the top of Mont Ventoux

a sunny day in a french villaege, the road is full of runners

ARSEP runners on the Course des Deux Ponts

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