Eva Brenner is a designer with an eye for fashion, but when she was diagnosed with MS she suddenly found out that staying stylish can be a difficult when you have a disability. “It´s hard to enter the fashion shops or the fitting rooms sitting in a wheel chair”. Even after getting through the doors the clothes themselves proved difficult. Complicated cuts, buttons and zippers all became a challenge for Eva.

She decided to take matters into her own hands by gathering like-minded people to start a business creating tailor made fashion for people with disabilities, it was called “einfach schön leben” (“simply living fine”).

The German MS Society (DMSG) wrote about Eva for their Kompass magazine, which is how well known German fashion label Connemara heard about her.

Eva’s beautiful designs were a perfect fit for Connemara’s style and a collaboration was born. Connemara launched the safari green ‘Eva’ blouse on World MS Day 2016.

We look forward to seeing what happens next!