Tawasol aims to keep the Arabic-speaking world up to date on the activities in the Arab region.

Each issue features news from MS organisations, as well as a profile of a person who is involved with the MS movement. This might be a person with MS, a healthcare professional, a volunteer, a scientist, or someone working at an MS organisation. It is written in Arabic and is emailed to the organisations and groups in the region once every three months.

You can now read back-issues of Tawasol and see how much has been achieved by MS organisations in the region over the last three years.

If you would like to submit news from your organisation then please email info@msif.org

If you would like to be signed up to receive Tawasol direct to your inbox please email info@msif.org

June 2017: https://issuu.com/arabmsorg_mar2013/docs/june_2017

March 2017: https://issuu.com/arabmsorg_mar2013/docs/march_2017

December 2016: http://issuu.com/arabmsorg_mar2013/docs/dec_2016

September 2016: https://issuu.com/arabmsorg_mar2013/docs/sept_2016

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December 2014: https://issuu.com/arabmsorg_mar2013/docs/dec_2014_issue

September 2014: https://issuu.com/arabmsorg_mar2013/docs/issue_sept_2014

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