7th Russian patients congress

The 7th All-Russian Congress of patients was held in Moscow and attended by over 424 delegates from more than 200 organisations from all of Russian regions and 17 countries around the world.

The All-Russian Patients Union (ARPU) includes 14 active nationwide organisations for people with severe disabling diseases. These include haemophilia, cancer and multiple sclerosis. In all, the ARPU represents the interests of more than 5 million people in Russia.

At the congress Dr. Yan Vlasov, Russian MS Society President and ARPU Co-Chair, presented the results of a study of patients’ expectations and concerns about the healthcare system, the availability and quality of medical services. He said: “Setting up an open, reasoned discussion of problems is especially important today, as opinion polls show that 96% of patients need a change for the better, which means that the status quo in healthcare does not satisfy them in full. And, we are talking here about millions of Russian citizens.”

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