The Israel MS Society is strengthening its support for people with MS by expanding its network of therapeutic support groups across the country.

Led by psychology experts and social workers, the 27 groups currently run by the Society are designed to meet the mental and emotional needs of people living with MS, their family, and their friends. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and concerns with the rest of the group in open discussions, and provide each other with support and advice.

Support for women

One example is the Society’s support group for Palestinian women. Although the group was set up on a temporary basis, it quickly became evident that a permanent forum was needed for Arabic-speaking women living with MS in Israel to prevent feelings of isolation, loneliness, and vulnerability.

Since then, the group has grown to support 20 women, providing a much-needed space for participants to share their feelings, empower each other, and learn more about MS.

The Israel MS Society regularly supports members of all of its support groups to attend a range of events. With World MS Day fast approaching, the Society has organised two informative conferences about MS to mark the day – one in Hebrew, one in Arabic.

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