People affected by MS in Brazil brought Sao Paulo to life with a day of dancing in the park to mark National Multiple Sclerosis Day.

The Brazilian MS Association (ABEM) invited people affected by MS and the general public to Ibirapuera Park for the event, which was organised in partnership with the NGO, On Samba Rock. To help prepare people for the event, throughout July, On Samba Rock offered dance training to those interested in getting involved.

Around 200 people took part on the day, wearing ABEM’s custom-made orange t-shirts.

Raising awareness

The dance event was designed to raise awareness of MS, as well as showcasing how much people affected by MS can contribute to society and how important it is for society to be more inclusive towards people affected by MS.

The event is one of several that ABEM is organising throughout the month of August to raise awareness of MS. On Samba Rock also celebrates its birthday in August, which made this an ideal partnership.

National Multiple Sclerosis Day will take place in Brazil on 30th August this year.

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