Multiple Sclerosis Argentina is celebrating the launch of its new and improved website and a brand new YouTube channel.

Faced with the challenge of reaching people affected by MS across such a large country, Multiple Sclerosis Argentina hopes that the new digital channels will offer a great opportunity to connect with those affected by the condition nationwide, as well as helping to raise greater public awareness about MS.

Reaching out

In developing the new website, the society had several aims. The first was to design a website to appeal to young people, with a fresh and modern look. The organisation then recognised the importance of providing videos and testimonials as well as support and information, in order to create a more personal connection. EMA already engages with people affected by MS through Twitter and, in particular, Facebook; however, they decided more resources were needed to increase this engagement.

This inspired the team to also launch an exclusive EMA YouTube channel, through which the society will share videos on a monthly basis featuring people affected by MS, as well as medical professionals discussing important topics related to the condition.
Johana Bauer, Mental Health and Activities Coordinator at EMA, commented:

“Creating this webpage and the channel has been a team effort involving EMA professionals, medical and rehab specialists, our advertising agency, volunteers and people linked with MS. EMA is on its way to grow and renew itself; having a new website and social networks through which we can keep people update about our activities and important information is part of our challenge.

EMA encourages anyone who is interested in sharing information about MS, or their own testimony, on the new website to get in touch by emailing