The French League Against Multiple Sclerosis (LFSEP) met first lady Brigitte Macron this month to discuss life with MS and explore ways to increase support for the organisation’s valuable work.

The meeting, which took place at the Elysée Palace in Paris, was the result of an appeal sent to Mrs Macron from LFSEP to meet and discuss MS and explain how the organisation helps people affected by MS.

During the meeting, LFSEP explained the various challenges that people affected by MS face, including access to employment, access to education, support for caregivers, and living with the symptoms of MS.

Mrs Macron committed to publicly support LFSEP’s projects and events over the next four years and even offered to connect the organisation with media contacts in order to raise greater public awareness about MS. LFSEP hopes that this will lead to better communication about MS that will, in turn, improve quality of life with MS, for instance by providing greater access to work, insurance and public facilities for people affected by MS.

Guillaume Molinier, Director of LFSEP, said, “Brigitte Macron was very sensitive to what we told her  about MS and the nature of life with MS.”

“We were delighted to meet her and we hope her help will allow us to communicate widely about MS and to improve the lives of people affected.”