A photo of Sam outdoors enjoying the healthy benefits of doing a Dry 2018

Back in December 2017 whilst many of us began the daunting task of planning New Year’s Resolutions we may not be able to keep, Sam Harvey weighed up the possibility of taking on Dry January.

Not content with a challenging resolution and fundraiser, Sam decided to go for the epic! Sam decided he was going to take on his very own Dry 2018. Why has Sam taken on this momentous challenge, well he has an equally momentous motivation.

“I was saddened to learn that one of my close friends had been diagnosed with MS after a long period of not being able to make sense of the frightening symptoms. I felt helpless at first that I couldn’t do a great deal about his situation immediately but this introduced the thought of wanting to do something.”

Known as a bit of a ‘party animal’ amongst friends. Many doubted Sam’s commitment and tenacity, however after completely smashing January and February, his friends have started to live up to the phrase “to put your money where your mouth is”.

“At first I had a little difficulty convincing people that I’m serious because I’ve always enjoyed an adventurous social life! I feel really good and I’m 100% committed – I must be that I’m doing this blog interview on a Saturday night where previously I might have been pretty bladdered by now.”

Since the start of Sam’s challenge he has also seen a huge amount of people speak to him about how MS has effected their own lives.

“A couple more people that I knew then mentioned to me that they suffered MS and I’d never known.”

“Competing this challenge for me would mean increased confidence in myself that I can make the right decisions to contribute to other people with my time and efforts in meaningful ways. It would mean hopefully giving other people more encouragement to think of ways to fundraise for causes that are important to them”

“I’m 100% serious and committed to this with witnesses that I’m not going out clubbing or having any drinks at work functions or at home. If you donate and I have so much as one drop of alcohol during 2018, I’ll match your donation by one hundred times.”

Please support Sam as he takes on this year long fundraising challenge. Every donation goes a long way to helping the MS International Federation inspire, mobilise and bring the world together to improve the quality of life of everybody affected by MS and to end MS forever.

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