The MS International Federation (MSIF) is looking to support the MS organisations in the Arab region in planning and implementing a joint regional awareness-raising campaign.

Please click here for the detailed creative brief.

It is envisaged that the campaign will be small-scale and would be carried out in October 2018 by as many MS organisations in the Arab region who are able to participate.

During the 2017 Regional Workshop in Dubai in November, MS organisations’ representatives were trained in awareness-raising campaigning skills and techniques and generated ideas around which a joint campaign could be built and began to develop an initial framework for such a campaign.

Campaign Aim

Increase awareness of MS and its effects amongst young people (such as school and university students) in the Arab region.

Target audience

The primary target audience of this campaign is young people aged between 15 -24 years old with no/limited knowledge of MS and its effects.

It is envisaged that young people with MS2 will play a key role in promoting the campaign and helping reach the primary target audience.

Campaign Theme

Further online discussion was carried out with MS organisations and young people with MS from the Arab region to decide on the campaign theme. My Future – I have a dream was chosen. See Annex 1 for more details about the theme.

Who manages the campaign?

This campaign will be coordinated by MSIF’s Capacity Building Manager in London. A consultation work group formed of representatives from MS organisations in the Arab region will be consulted by MSIF throughout the campaign development, implementation and evaluation. We will also regularly consult young people with MS to ensure the campaign messages and tone are relevant to and representative of them

We envisage sharing the produced toolkit online with MS organisations in the Arab region who will adapt and use them in promoting the campaign online (via their websites and social media networks) and also in their offline activities (e.g. awareness raising activities in the schools, universities and youth clubs, see Annex 2).

Deliverables (all deliverables needs to be in Arabic language)

We are looking for an experienced creative agency/consultant to deliver the following:

1) Develop look and feel of the campaign – creative and visual concept (in conjunction with identified theme and target audience and in line with the campaign principles) including :

  • logo
  • tagline and hashtag
  • key messages
  • online awareness-raising ask(s)/action(s). The ask(s)/action(s) needs to engage both young people with MS and the primary target audience of youth 15 – 24 (with no/limited knowledge about MS).

2) Develop campaign toolkit including materials that can be used (online and offline) by MS organisations in the Arab region to communicate the campaign messages and ask(s) including:
a) Facebook and Twitter shareables
b) Facebook and Twitter cover images
c) 1 printable poster
d) 1 roll-up banner design template
e) ‘Take action’ printable card(s)

3) Short film

In addition to developing the campaign visual concept and toolkit, we would like to gather case studies from three young people with MS living in three different Arab countries who will feature in a short film to illustrating the campaign theme. This film will be the key media offering for the campaign.
We will ask MS organisations to submit nominations for the case studies.

Please note – if you are unable to produce the short film, we will commission a separate contractor for this, but would require you to work closely with them to ensure a consistent tone and visual style across all the campaign content.

Here are some examples of videos produced to raise MS awareness:

Key Dates

The campaign will be carried out over one month – October 2018. Below are some of the key dates:

Mid-July 2018
Toolkit completed
End of August 2018
Short film completed
1 October 2018
Public launch of the campaign (offline and online)


Our total budget for this campaign is GBP£15,000. If you are able to produce both the campaign creative work, toolkit and short film, you will have flexibility in allocating the GBP£15,000 between these areas. If you are unable to produce the short film, the budget will be reduced to reflect this.

How to apply

Interested agencies/consultants are requested to submit the following (in English and/or Arabic) to by 17.00 GMT on 04 June 2018:

  • A proposal of no more than 2-3 pages explaining how you would respond to the Brief
  • An outline of the budget for the service (including a breakdown of the cost for each of the deliverables).
  • A profile of previous work (preferably examples of similar campaigns carried out by you/your agency)

In order to avoid any conflict of interest, perceived or otherwise, agencies/ consultants should note that, in order to be eligible to tender for the work, they (or their company/ agency/ organisation) should not have been employed by (as a permanent or temporary member of staff) or have carried out services for (in an advisory or consultancy capacity) national or international healthcare companies, or their subsidiaries, within the past 6 months. Agencies/consultants who have carried out services for national or international healthcare companies, or their subsidiaries, within the past 18 months, should declare this within their application.


The MS International Federation (MSIF) is a unique global network of MS organisations, people affected by MS, volunteers and staff from around the world. Our movement is made up of 48 MS organisations with links to many others. We inspire, mobilise and bring the MS world together to improve the quality of life of everybody affected by MS and to end MS forever.

Data suggests there are more than 55,000 people with MS in the Arab region with many thousands more directly affected as family and community members. In many countries in the region the data remains patchy and, in some instances, simply unavailable. It is thought that more people still remain undiagnosed, untreated and unsupported.

Low levels of public MS awareness can be found in much of the region which often leads to social stigma and exclusion and discrimination in education and the workplace for those with and affected by the disease.

We have been working with the Arab region since 2008 to strengthen the capacity of MS organisations in the region so that they will be better able to meet the needs of people affected by MS. The organisations with which we work in the region are mostly run by volunteers who are often people with or affected by MS.

When, in 2016, we surveyed some 23 MS organisations from 16 countries in the region on which themes our 2017-19 region wide capacity building programme should address, awareness-raising was identified as an area on which MS organisations were keen to focus to better support the MS community in their country. The need to address this lack of MS awareness was echoed by people with MS who participated in a number of MSIF focus group discussions and interviews which ran in parallel.

At our 2016 Regional Workshop in Amman, Jordan, MS organisations’ delegates identified a joint regional project as an initial way to build cooperation amongst the organisations and promote collaborative working in the region.