The Fondation pour l’Aide à la Recherche sur la Sclérose En Plaques (ARSEP) is now a full member of the MS International Federation. The decision was confirmed by MSIF’s board of trustees at the March 2021 board meetings.

ARSEP serves the French MS community by supporting and developing MS research projects on a national and international scale. The foundation raises awareness and shares the latest medical and scientific advances in MS across France. Around 110,000 people with MS in France are supported by MS organisations like ARSEP and the Ligue Française contre la Sclérose En Plaque (LFSEP) – MSIF’s other full member organisation in France. LFSEP has welcomed ARSEP as a fellow MSIF member and national counterpart. This marks a historic moment in MSIF’s history, as there has never been more than one MSIF member per country before. ARSEP’s membership paves the way for the inclusion of more national voices in MSIF’s global work.

The President of the Fondation ARSEP,  Brigitte Taittinger-Jouyet, says:

‘On behalf of the Fondation ARSEP, I am delighted with this decision and would like to thank the board of MSIF for welcoming us as a full member. This is an important moment for the Fondation ARSEP and for all people affected by MS. With our membership, we hope to be able to further develop our collaboration.’

The Treasurer of LFSEP, Guillaume Courault, comments:

‘Uniting all the forces involved in the fight against of MS, is not only a goal for the MS International Federation and its members, it is a duty to people with MS. This membership is a victory for ARSEP, the French Ligue, for France, for the MSIF and for people with MS. Together we are stronger than MS.’

A huge congratulations to ARSEP. MSIF looks forward to working closely with you. If you would like to learn more about the process for becoming an MSIF member, click here.