The Charcot Award is given once every two years to recognise a lifetime of achievement in outstanding research into the understanding or treatment of MS.

The winner of the 2015 award is Professor Giancarlo Comi.

Past winners of the Charcot Award

2013: Professor Stephen Hauser (USA)

2011: Prof Larry Steinman (USA)

2009: Prof John Prineas (Australia)

2007: Prof Alastair Compston (UK)

2005: Prof Hans Lassmann (Austria)

2003: Dr Henry McFarland (USA)

2001: Prof Hartmut Wekerle (Germany)

1999: Prof John Kurtzke (USA)

1995: Prof Donald Paty (Canada)

1993: Dr Byron Waksman (USA)

1991: Prof Ian McDonald (UK)

1988: Dr Yoshigoro Kuroiwa (Japan)

1985: Dr Richard T Johnson (USA)

1983: Dr Leonard T Kurland (USA)

1981: Dr Helmut Bauer (Germany)

1969: Dr Douglas McAlpine (UK)

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