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Work provides opportunities for maintaining or sometimes improving one’s standard of living, for forming new relationships, for learning new things, as well as providing a sense of satisfaction and purpose. In industrialised countries, participating in the workforce also signifies health and unfortunately, this concept often leads to discriminatory treatment of people with MS and others with impairments.

In this issue of MS in focus a number of themes related to employment are discussed, including workplace modifications, post-employment planning and issues related to disclosure.


  • Introduction to employment and MS – key concerns
  • MS and barriers to keeping a job
  • Disclosing MS at work
  • Making a change
  • Beyond paid employment – planning ahead
  • Your questions answered
  • Employment and MS: global survey results
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • MS society projects and programmes
  • Interview: Héctor García, Cuernavaca, Mexico


Published: 2010

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