Improve access to MS treatment

Access to treatment is a high priority for most people with MS. Convince decision-makers that MS treatments should be available in all health systems.

Why is it difficult to access treatments for MS in Southeast Asia?

New research explores challenges around MS management in the region.

MSIF’s work on access to MS healthcare

Addressing barriers to accessing MS healthcare at a global, regional and national level.

MENA region access to treatment charter

MS organisations across MENA use their collective voice to advocate for safe and effective MS treatment in a new regional charter

The WHO Intersectoral Global Action Plan for epilepsy and other neurological disorders

A 10-year global action plan that aims to improve the lives of people living with neurological conditions including MS

How accessible are MS treatments in the MENA region?

New publication highlights regional disparities in the management of MS

Oumaima, Morocco

'We always have hope that things will be better in the future and that one day we will manage to find a final cure for MS. Until that time, we have to follow the latest research.'

Sanae, Morocco

'To even get my diagnosis I had to borrow money from others.'

Imane, Morocco

'I keep worrying: What if I was unable to get my treatment for a month or so? What will be the consequences?'

Hafizuddin, Malaysia

'I felt down, empty and lonely when I couldn’t go to the school.'

Tarrbinder, Malaysia

‘I don't count how many times I fall. I count how many times I stand up.’

Norzey, Malaysia

‘She went to sleep and didn’t wake up for two months’

Shahdar, Malaysia

‘They said ‘if a car is broken, it is useless to repair a tyre when the major problem is the engine’

Sharifah, Malaysia

‘I actually want to be in a more corporate kind of role in which you would be married to your job a bit more. That excites me.’

Essential medicines for MS

Advocating for the addition of MS treatments to the WHO Essential Medicines List

WHO’s decision brings hope to people with MS worldwide

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treatments added to WHO’s Essential Medicines List for the first time

MSIF emphasises need for treatments for neurological conditions during WHO meeting

MSIF and neurological organisations' statement during the Essential Medicines List Committee open session

Learn from others

Advocacy examples from the global MS movement to inspire you today.

Adriana, Argentina

'I was left in a situation of being newly diagnosed, scared and with the prospect that I didn't have health coverage.'

Essential medicines for MS

Advocating for the addition of MS treatments to the WHO Essential Medicines List

10-year Intersectoral global plan approved to improve care for people affected by neurological conditions

MSIF supports the adoption of the WHO's intersectoral global action plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders, including MS