Improve access to MS treatment

Access to treatment is a high priority for most people with MS. Convince decision-makers that MS treatments should be available in all health systems.

Our fundraisers

You can make a real difference for people living with MS around the world just like our fundraisers

The WHO Intersectoral Global Action Plan for epilepsy and other neurological disorders

A 10-year global action plan that aims to improve the lives of people living with neurological conditions including MS

Get the evidence

Provide information on the number of people with MS and barriers to accessing healthcare to key decision-makers in your country.

Annual accounts

MSIF published all its annual reviews and financial statements online

Who we are and what we do

We are the only global network of MS organisations

Improve MS diagnosis

Many people with MS experience delays in diagnosis and are often misdiagnosed. Consider what can be done to improve awareness and improve early diagnosis.

About us

We are a unique global network of MS organisations with 48 members from around the world, and links to many others

Learn from others

Advocacy examples from the global MS movement to inspire you today.

How to get started in advocacy

Your guide to successful advocacy. Tools and resources for healthcare professionals, MS organisations and people affected by MS to support their advocacy efforts to improve access to MS healthcare.


Protecting and advocating for the rights of people with MS is at the heart of our work

Atlas of MS webinar on the power of MS data

The Atlas of MS is inspiring countries to tackle MS-data gaps. Find out how MS organisations are harnessing the power of data to advocate for change.

What influences quality of life with MS and how can we improve it?

The global MSIF movement's seven principles to improve quality of life with MS

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Convention was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2006

Make them listen: The four-year fight for access in Chile

The Corporación Esclerosis Múltiple Chile shares the secrets of their success in improving access to treatment.

Advocacy for MS in Morocco

MS organisations campaign for better access to treatments in Morocco.

The global movement came together and shone a spotlight on MS

Highlights from World MS Day 2019

Music legend Masta Ace: hip-hop, MS and getting creative

The UK MS Society met up with Brooklyn rapper and record producer Masta Ace to talk about music and life with MS

Call for consultants: Advocacy – access to treatments in India

Bringing together the MS Society of India

MSIF staff paid a special visit to India this month to launch an exciting new collaboration with the MS Society of India.

MS Ireland shares results of first national survey into the needs of people with MS

“My MS, My Needs” survey results help MS Ireland to improve services and advance advocacy work for people with MS.

World MS Day 2009

Global economic impact of MS

MS is associated with high costs for MS patients, their families, and society as a whole

MS Awareness Soars in the Americas

Fly for MS is raising awareness of MS in an unusual way

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland launches report on the hidden costs of MS

On 21st October, MS Ireland launched a report on the costs of multiple sclerosis to Irish society

Global Patient Solidarity Day & UN Day for people with Disabilities

There are two World Days coming up which will be of interest to the global MS community.

World MS Day launches on 15 April

People can share a thank-you message by email, by post or on social media

Flee or fight?

MS Society of Canada asks Canadians whether they will flee or fight when it comes to MS

World MS Day 2015

27 May is World MS Day - the only global awareness raising campaign for MS

World MS Day across the globe

Highlights from some of the events that took place around the world

UN looks past 2015

The post-2015 development agenda will be launched in New York in September 2015

Six months to World MS Day

The theme for 2015 will be access, and the campaign will celebrate breaking down barriers to living with MS

No target met unless met for all

MS International Federation calls on the UN to ensure new global goals benefit all - including people affected by MS

Universal access declaration reaches 88,000 signatures

The MS International Federation encourages everyone affected by MS to sign the declaration

Phase one of European Register for MS completed

The register aims to address the recognised lack of relevant MS data at European level

International Day for Persons with Disabilities

Monday 2 December was the International Day for Persons with Disabilities

What is MS?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive disease of the nervous system