Stichting MS Research celebrates its 40th anniversary

Stichting MS celebrates 40 years of MS research with a campaign on resilience. The Dutch MS organisation has partnered with local researchers and the UK MS Society to put their work in the spotlight.

2017: a pivotal year for the MSIF movement

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the MS International Federation, giving us a valuable opportunity to celebrate shared successes and renew our commitment to work together to achieve a world without MS.

Polish MS Society marks tenth year of national MS awareness-raising campaign

The Polish MS Society’s annual awareness-raising campaign, “Symphony of Hearts”, has entered its tenth year

Russian MS Society reflects on learnings from MSIF 50th anniversary meetings

At MSIF’s recent 50th anniversary meetings, Igor Tsykorin, president of the Russian MS Society, became the first Russian delegate in an almost a decade to join other members for an MSIF meeting. Here, Igor shares his reflections on the event.

MS International Federation’s members gather in London to mark 50 years of the global MSIF movement

More than 100 staff, volunteers, and people with and affected by MS from 39 countries gathered in London in September for the MSIF Movement’s 50th Anniversary meetings.

Israel MS Society marks 40th anniversary with a song and music video for use worldwide

The Israel MS Society celebrates 40 years with a free music video for MS societies around the world to use for raising awareness, fundraising, and empowering people affected by MS