McDonald Fellowships

MSIF's McDonald Fellowships fund 2-year research placements, in the memory of Professor Ian McDonald

Du Pré Grants

MSIF Du Pré Grants enable multiple sclerosis researchers and clinicians to undertake short placements in established MS research centres and clinics

2021 McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grant recipients announced

MSIF is proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grants, from Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia

Young Investigator Award

The award is given for the best presentation of a translational project by a young researcher

Winner of the 2021 Young Investigator Award

Dr Giacomo Boffa receives the 2021 Young Investigator Award on his project on using aHSCT in individuals with secondary progressive MS

McDonald Fellowship recipients

Since the launch of the McDonald fellowships in 2007, we have awarded more than 30 fellowships to researchers from emerging countries

Charcot Award winners

The winner of the 2021 Charcot Award is Professor Alan Thompson

Charcot Awards

The Charcot Award is for a lifetime of outstanding research into the understanding or treatment of MS

2020 McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grant recipients announced

MSIF is proud to announce the recipients of the 2020 McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grants, from Iran, Zambia, Brazil, Turkey, and Argentina

Winner of the 2020 Young Investigator Award

Helen Onuorah receives the 2020 Young Investigator Award on her project "Racial inequalities in MS research participation"

MS research awards: deadline extended to 31 August

Challenges in Progressive MS Awards: taking risks to reap rewards

Progressive MS Awards

Chair of the People with MS Advisory Committee awarded for his services to MS

Martin Stevens is awarded for his services to people with MS

Winner of 2018 Young Investigators Award announced

MSIF is pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Young Investigators Award: Dr Silke Häusser-Kinzel.

2018 McDonald Fellowship and Du Pré grant recipients announced

MSIF is proud to announce the recipients of the 2018 McDonald fellowships and Du Pre grants

Signalling success: Swiss MS Society campaign wins innovation award

The ‘Innovation of the Year’ fundraising award was presented in recognition of the Swiss MS Society’s 2017 World MS Day event, ‘We send a signal’.

Dutch MS Research Foundation part of EUR 15 million research project

The ‘Immune balance’ partnership unites health charities, the government, scientists and corporate bodies in a joint effort to improve understanding of the immune system in chronic immune diseases like MS.

MS Research Australia triumphs at national Charity Awards

MS Research Australia has been recognised for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ in the Australian Charity Awards 2018.

Winner of first Global MS Research Booster Award announced

Benjamin Clarkson receives the first ever Global MS Research Booster Award, a unique initiative of MoveS, Stichting MS Research and the MS International Federation (MSIF).

Highlights from MSIF’s 2018 Global Networking Meetings, Amsterdam

Stichting MS Research welcomed the global MSIF movement in Amsterdam last month for the spring 2018 Global Networking meetings.


Protecting and advocating for the rights of people with MS is at the heart of our work

Argentina presents awards to MS researchers

The Association for the Fight Against MS (ALCEM) presents the Miguel Pablo Gallardo award and the Proyecto Investigación (Research Project) award.

Research Australia presents award to developer of world’s largest MS database

Helmut Butzkueven, who led the development of MSBase with support from MS Research Australia, has received the Data Innovation Award.

2017 McDonald Fellowship and Du Pré grant recipients announced

MSIF is proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 McDonald fellowships and Du Pre grants

MS Society of India volunteer who lives with MS wins award in national pageant

The MS Society of India (MSSI) is proud to congratulate Dr Rebecca Verghese, a long-standing volunteer with the society who lives with MS, in winning an award at the “Mrs India Earth” pageant.

MS International Federation’s members gather in London to mark 50 years of the global MSIF movement

More than 100 staff, volunteers, and people with and affected by MS from 39 countries gathered in London in September for the MSIF Movement’s 50th Anniversary meetings.

Professor Per Soelberg Sørensen wins prestigious Charcot award for research in multiple sclerosis

Prof. Sørensen, one of the world’s prominent clinical neurologists in multiple sclerosis, recognised for lifetime achievement in improving understanding and treatment of MS.

James D Wolfensohn Award winners

Winners of the James D. Wolfensohn Award come from all over the world

James D Wolfensohn Award

The James D. Wolfensohn Award recognises the contributions of people with MS

International MS awards

We give international awards for people with MS and their caregivers

New award for global MS researchers

MSIF and the Dutch MS Research Foundation launch Global MS Research Booster Award for researchers studying the cause of MS

MS Research Australia receives top award at the Telstra NSW Business Awards

MS Research Australia is the first non-profit organisation to be awarded the highest Telstra award: Telstra NSW Business of the Year

Evelyn Nicholson Award

Our award is for volunteer caregivers who have shown outstanding commitment and devotion

Amalia wins Evelyn Nicholson Award

Amalia cared for her husband, Ernesto Sepúlveda Morales, who had MS, throughout 40 years of marriage

Maurice Maso wins Evelyn Nicholson Award

This annual award recognises volunteer caregivers to people with MS

What happened at ECTRIMS 2015?

Our highlights from the world’s largest scientific conference on multiple sclerosis

23 answers on predicting disease progression and MRI

MS researcher Arman Eshaghi answers questions from around the world

Your chance to ask a young researcher about his work

Arman Eshaghi will answer your questions

Cast your vote

Which of these MS research areas would you like to hear more about?

Interview with Mauricio Farez

We spoke to an Argentinian researcher studying the correlation between melatonin and MS

Cast your vote

Which of these MS research areas would you like to hear more about?

MSIF and ECTRIMS hold first joint alumni event

Current and past fellows of MSIF and ECTRIMS come together in Barcelona to share experiences

Wolfensohn Award 2015

Ahmed Darwish from Egypt has won the 2015 James D. Wolfensohn Award

Stephen Hauser wins Charcot Award

Professor Hauser was selected by a panel drawn from our International medical and scientific board

MSSI Chennai’s Ann Gonsalvez receives award

Ann was presented with the K. Venkatanarayana TANKER Foundation Awareness Award in Chennai on 25 January 2013

Winner of 2013 James D Wolfensohn award announced

Svetlana V. Goronkova from Russia has won the 2013 James D. Wolfensohn Award