Global MS research fellowships

A selection of fellowships and grants open to MS researchers around the world


The MS International Federation draws on the expertise of its members, people with MS and others

Du Pré Grant recipients

These researchers have received Du Pré Grants to enable them to work in established MS research centres outside their own country

Progressive MS research

The International Progressive MS Alliance works to speed up the development of treatment for progressive MS

Vanessa’s story

Along with five friends, Vanessa spent the last few days of 2015 climbing Kilimanjaro for the MS cause

Signs of MS may start five years before diagnosis

Canadian research shows people with MS are more likely than the general population to visit a doctor or hospital in the years leading up to an MS diagnosis.

Time to connect – MS Canada invites you to their upcoming MS research conference

Register for the MS Connect conference for the latest MS research updates

Burgers to Beat MS

The MS Society of Canada’s Burgers to Beat MS campaign raises over $2 million for MS. Find out what they learned along the way.

People with MS who have additional health conditions are more likely to experience relapses

Canadian study finds people with MS who have additional health conditions face a greater risk of having a relapse than those without other diseases.

Study shows taking MS medications as directed is better for overall health

Canadian research reveals the positive effects of taking MS medications as prescribed on a person's general health

Disappointing results from CCSVI treatment trial

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) describes a potential reduction in blood flow in the major veins that drain blood from the brain and spinal cord over a prolonged period.

James D Wolfensohn Award winners

Winners of the James D. Wolfensohn Award come from all over the world

Canadian MS Society meets 75 MPs in 2 days

MS Society of Canada working hard to educate decision makers on MS

Stem cell treatment halts MS progression

Rebooting immune system provides long term relief for aggressive relapsing MS in Canadian study

What happened at ECTRIMS 2015?

Our highlights from the world’s largest scientific conference on multiple sclerosis

Sex-specific differences in comorbid conditions in MS

Researchers find men with MS experience more chronic health problems at the time of diagnosis

Take the Pledge

The MS Society of Canada asks Canadians to pledge, donate and share

Characteristics of primary progressive MS

Researchers in Canada have investigated the natural history of 500 people with primary progressive MS

Canada trial for stem cell therapy

The Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Canadian MS Patients Study is part of a larger international research effort

Future MS treatments

Ethyl pyruvate and dimethyl fumarate both have a number of anti-inflammatory effects relevant to MS

Flee or fight?

MS Society of Canada asks Canadians whether they will flee or fight when it comes to MS

Alliance announces first round of grants

The Progressive MS Alliance has awarded its first round of 22 research grants to investigators in nine countries

Progressive MS meeting in Milan

The first scientific meeting of the International Progressive MS Collaborative took place in Milan, Italy

MS International Federation announces first wave of 2014 Du Pré Grants

The MS International Federation has announced its first six Du Pré Grants for 2014