Is it MS or something else?

Global MS experts update recommendations for the differential diagnosis of MS

Improve MS diagnosis

Many people with MS experience delays in diagnosis and are often misdiagnosed. Consider what can be done to improve awareness and improve early diagnosis.

Global barriers to MS diagnosis

Importance of training and education for healthcare professionals is highlighted in new publication

Uruguay’s MS Compass

Esclerosis Múltiple Uruguay creates a digital tool to help people understand and live better with MS.

Diagnosis: making it early and getting it right

Diagnosis of MS is getting faster and more efficient but new research suggests there are still ways to improve diagnosis

Signs of MS may start five years before diagnosis

Canadian research shows people with MS are more likely than the general population to visit a doctor or hospital in the years leading up to an MS diagnosis.

Refining diagnosis for people with MS

Expert panel publishes revised criteria for MS diagnosis

A new potential biomarker for the diagnosis of MS

A new small study has discovered molecules in the blood that are specific to people with MS, and can distinguish between relapsing remitting and progressive MS.

Celebrating the role of new technologies in transforming the lives of people affected by MS

Matthew Miles, Chief Executive of MS Research Australia, shared insights on how technology is revolutionising research, treatment, diagnosis, and more

MS Ireland takes action

MS Ireland launches two major new publications on early treatment and diagnosis of MS

Diagnosing MS

Neurologists carry out a number of tests to find out whether someone has MS.