Annual accounts

MSIF published all its annual reviews and financial statements online

Education and employment

People with MS can have many happy and productive years

What influences quality of life with MS and how can we improve it?

The global MSIF movement's seven principles to improve quality of life with MS

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Convention was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2006

Study suggests improvement in MS employment outcomes

New research, involving 874 people who had used disease-modifying therapies during the previous 5 years, has shown a link between more effective disease-modifying therapies and an increased level of employment, work attendance and productivity at work.

Brain damage in MS predicts long-term employment outcomes

A new study has found a link found between brain imaging markers and long-term employment status.

Employment and MS

Global MS employment report shows many people with MS are leaving employment earlier than necessary

Portuguese MS Society (SPEM) launches new Support Line service

New Support Line will provide information and support, as well as jobs for people living with MS

MS International Federation’s members gather in London to mark 50 years of the global MSIF movement

More than 100 staff, volunteers, and people with and affected by MS from 39 countries gathered in London in September for the MSIF Movement’s 50th Anniversary meetings.

World MS Day 2011

The theme of World MS Day 2011 was 'Work and MS', a continuation of the 2010 theme of ‘Employment’.

World MS Day 2010

The second World MS Day took place in 2010 with the theme 'Employment'

Practical employment resources in Ireland

MS Ireland has launched new resources for people with MS and employers

Global MS Employment survey 2010

Summary of findings from the 2010 employment survey