The MS International Federation draws on the expertise of its members, people with MS and others

Young Investigator Award

The award is given for the best presentation of a translational project by a young researcher

MS registries: putting people with MS at the heart of research

MS affects people all over the world. MS registries are one of the many advances in MS research that are bringing us closer as a global MS community and closer to ending MS.

2017: a pivotal year for the MSIF movement

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the MS International Federation, giving us a valuable opportunity to celebrate shared successes and renew our commitment to work together to achieve a world without MS.

Gut bacteria and MS

New evidence of potential role of gut bacteria in MS

MS International Federation’s members gather in London to mark 50 years of the global MSIF movement

More than 100 staff, volunteers, and people with and affected by MS from 39 countries gathered in London in September for the MSIF Movement’s 50th Anniversary meetings.

James D Wolfensohn Award winners

Winners of the James D. Wolfensohn Award come from all over the world

German MS Society (DMSG) launches new film project for TV and social media

New film project from the German MS Society (DMSG) featuring people with MS to air on German television

German MS Society launches family planning telephone counselling service

“Planbaby bei MS” offers support and advice on starting a family to young adults with MS

World MS Day 2010

The second World MS Day took place in 2010 with the theme 'Employment'

DMSG launches app to help with cognition

App uses scientifically designed exercises to improve memory and concentration

Exclusive breastfeeding is safe following childbirth

A German study shows that exclusive breastfeeding does not increase the risk of relapse after childbirth

Early detection of nerve damage using the retina

OCT may be a good way to monitor the efficacy of both immunoprotective and neuroprotective therapies

Online cognitive training in Germany

DMSG’s training programme aims to help people with MS improve cognition functions

Progressive MS Alliance expands

The Alliance has been joined by four MS International Federation member organisations

EMSP and RIMS social media conference

The conference was the first joint event for RIMS and EMSP